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We understand you know how to install a Wordpress Theme, otherwise perhaps you would like to check first:

More details about installing Plugins in:


To set up the theme you need to do:

  • Create a Home Page (We will come back here in Step 3)
  • Create a Blog Page (if you want a Blog)
  • Setting the Reading configuration
  • Setting the Theme

To create your pages just go to your Dashboard

Go to Pages > Add New

Create a Page for your Home Page and a Page for your Blog. We will come back there to finish the setup, but by the moment we don't need to do anything else there.

Once you have created the Home Page and Blog Page.

Go to Settings > Reading

And then select your static pages for Home and Blog.
Notice the dropdown will show the names of the pages tou gave them.

Go to Theme Settings

You will be able to:

  • Add a logo and favicon
  • Add your Social Network links
  • Edit some info from the footer
  • Add your Mailchimp embed code
  • Add an image for your Blog Header

That's all done! You are ready for next step: Creating a Home Page.

Creating a Home Page

Play with the different options and create your own layout based on your needs. Combining the different options you can create 7 different layouts.

Edit the page you created for the Home Page.

Go to Page Attributes > Template

Choose Home Page.

Add your background image.

Go to Featured Image

You can add a Title for the Cover (Home Page)

It will appear just in the middle of the page, then the normal content will show up below the Cover Title.

Creating Pages

Play with the options and create a different layout for each page. Combining the different options you can create infinite layouts.

You can add special featured elements such as photos, slideshows or videos.


The normal content box is used in this theme to create the Summaries for each page.

Featured Image

The Featured Image appears in the header of the page.


Create your own layouts.

We created a really simple and powerful tool to create layouts. Each layout works like a row, and you can choose between one or two columns. You can many layouts as you want. Play with the options and create inifnite layouts for your pages.


Choose what kind of content you want for your columns.

The option to choose are:

  • Text
  • Photo or Slideshow
  • Video

Creating Posts

Posts work exactly in the same way tha pages, the only big difference is Posts don't have Summary, so the normal content box will be always first than layouts being a wide column of text.


This theme uses different resources, they are listed as follows

This Theme was created by Dani Marti and Guillem Lorman from Creative by the Sea.
Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme.