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We understand you know how to install a Wordpress Theme, otherwise perhaps you would like to check first:

More details about installing Plugins in:

This theme requires the Woocommerce Plugin.
It's a free plugin you can download from:

Step 1 - Installing Woocommerce

Once you have installed the Woocommerce Plugin, a message will show up asking if you want to install the Woocommerce Pages.
We want to install those pages because they contain the layouts for our shop, cart, etc.

Step 2 - Creating your Home Page

To create your Home Page, go to PAGES > ADD NEW.
Once you have created your Home Page, go to the right sidebar and under "template" choose HOME PAGE.
Some new options will show up:

  • You can add a summary text to your Home, just use the usual content box. (Optional)
  • You can add a Slideshow. Many slides as you want. (Optional)
    • You can choose the size of the slideshow, Full Width or Normal.
    • You can add an image for each slideshow.
    • You can add Captions for your slides.
    • This functionality is the same for Blog and Pages.
  • You can add banners. 3 Maximum. (Optional)
    • You can add an image for each banner.
    • You can apply a Black and White Filter. (Optional)
    • You can add a title.
    • You can add your Social Media Links. (Optional)
  • You can add Recent Products. (Optional)
    • You can add a Title for your Recent Products.
    • You can choose how many products you want to display.

Step 3 - Creating your Blog

To create your Blog Page, go to PAGES > ADD NEW. Only if you need a Blog.
Once you have created your Blog Page
Before you continue you will need to go to Step 4 and follow the directions for Structure. Then you can come back here :-)
Some new options will show up: (Only if you have set your Blog Page as "Posts Page" as it's shown in Step 4 - Structure.

  • You can enable/disable the Masonry Layout
  • You can add a Slideshow. Same functionality than Home Page or Pages.

When you create a post you can add videos using the Video Field, you onlye need the URL from VIMEO or YOUTUBE, not embed code needed.

Step 4 - Setting up the Theme


Once you have created your pages, you need to tell to the Theme what pages you are using for structure.
Go to your Dashboard, and on the left sidebar go to "Settings", and then "Reading".
We want to check the "Static Page" option, and then having our Home Page as "Front Page", and our Blog as "Posts Page".

General Settings

You can customize some options like adding your logo, changing colors or adding your Social Network links.
In your Dashboard, on the left sidebar go to THEME SETTINGS. You will see the options for:

  • Your Logo
  • Your Favicon
  • Color Scheme
  • Social Media links

Pages and Posts

When you create Pages and Posts different options will show up. Basically the main difference is:

  • Pages have Slideshow and Video
  • Posts have Featured Image and Video

Pages and Posts share the main functionalities.


The footer is managed by widgets, feel free to use our widgets (Social Networks and Credits) or the widgets by default.

Step 5 - Menus

Our theme works with custom menus.
In your Dashboard, on the left sidebar go to APPEARANCE > MENUS.
Create your menu, add all the pages and links you want. Be sure you have checked the option "Primary Menu" to make it appear at the top.

The theme allows to create a secondary menu (maybe you don't needed it). The secondary menus doesn't appear anywhere by default, you can add it to the footer in a widget. In our DEMO, we used the same MENU at the top and in the footer. Use the secondary menu only if you want to have two different menus.

You are all set!

That's it.Simple Shop is really basic to edit and customize. Hope you have fun and enjoy our theme!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any issue or doubt. We will be more than happy to help you!


This theme uses different resources, they are listed as follows

This Theme was created by Dani Marti and Guillem Lorman from Creative by the Sea.
Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme.